Premium Variety Management

VentureFruit® provides plant variety commercialisation and management services for fresh produce growers and marketers, on behalf of variety breeders and owners. VentureFruit® is a T&G Global company.

Forging the future of fruit

We are a global breeding, growing, intellectual property and commercialisation company specialising in new and superior fruit varieties that thrill consumers across the world.

We believe the world needs better produce. Here at VentureFruit® we have the expertise, consumer insights and global networks to manage the process from breeding to commercialisation and can help maximise the benefits for breeders, growers, marketers and consumers.

Together we are forging the future of fruit.

We focus on temperate and sub-tropical fruits

Our focus is on:

  • Securing the best premium varieties that deliver superior eating qualities that consumers love
  • Investing in great genetics from breeding programmes around the world that deliver enhanced growing performance
  • Utilising our strong global sales network and our expertise in marketing and consumer insights to add real value to our partners
  • Working alongside our breeders, growers and marketers to explore the future of fruit and deliver long term sustainable returns

Our Varieties

Our portfolio is filled with selections that are exciting and relevant.
For each variety, VentureFruit® examines key success factors such as production performance and potential market performance to create a route to market that is innovative and fit-for-purpose.


Apples & Pears

  • The same team that brought the globally successful Jazz™ and Envy™  apples to the world.
  • Working on development of apples and pears to withstand hot climates and alternative geographies.
  • Partnering with world-leading breeders to find premium varieties with market-defining difference.


  • Advancing a comprehensive portfolio of blueberry varieties offering a range of flavour profiles, sizes and harvest timing from proven genetics.
  • Bringing new and exciting strawberry varietal options to New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region.
  • Developing raspberry, blackberry and other berry varieties to transform current market offering.


  • Working closely with reputable table grape breeders to provide sustainable and attention-grabbing new varieties to growers and consumers globally.

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