About Us

VentureFruit® is a T&G Global company, offering variety management services to plant breeders and owners, growers and sales and marketing companies.

The VentureFruit® Story

With over a century of knowledge and determined to be the leader in the variety management space, VentureFruit® has evolved out of pioneering fresh produce company, T&G Global.

These strong roots have paved the way for VentureFruit®, established in 2021, to constantly seek opportunities to commercialise exciting new plant varieties with the highest potential to succeed.

Our expertise and success in cultivar development and commercialisation services has been honed over the last 25 years’ and is demonstrated through strong consumer orientated brands, including Jazz™, Envy™, Pacific Rose™ and Pacific Queen™.


Who are we?

VentureFruit® is a team with a vision to the future.

We are clear about “what to do’ and ‘how to do it’ – with our global expertise, technical knowledge and extensive networks, we have what it takes to deliver value to our partners, and to customers and consumers around the world.

Located on the ground in key global markets, we’re focused on our partners’ success, and able to provide expertise from identifying and growing new varieties, right through to global intellectual property management, brand development and protection. 

Peter Landon-Lane, Managing Director

Peter Landon-Lane

Executive Chair


Kate James, Business Development Manager

Kate James

Business Development Manager


Morgan Rogers, Head of Innovation & Technical

Morgan Rogers

General Manager


Heath Jakeman, Regional Manager Australia

Heath Jakeman

Global Variety Development Manager (Berries)


Heriberto Jara, Regional Manager South America

Heriberto Jara

Regional Manager South America


Gary Wellwood, Global Variety Development Manager (Apples)

Gary Wellwood

Global Variety Development Manager (Apples)



Danny Nightingale

Global Variety Commercialisation Manager


Chris Fitzgerald, Global Variety Technician

Chris Fitzgerald

Global Variety Technician


Doug T&G Profile 2021 copy

Doug Lichtwark

Head of Asia Development


PIC Marc Leprince

Marc Leprince

Europe Programme Coordinator


Andrea Dyer, Administration Assistant

Andrea Dyer

Administration Assistant



Julie Jackson

Business Administration Manager


Johan head

Johan Otto

Europe Programme Coordinator