Our Varieties

Our portfolio is filled with selections that are exciting and relevant.
For each variety, VentureFruit® examines key success factors such as production performance and potential market performance to create a route to market that is innovative and fit-for-purpose.


Apple & Pears

  • The same team that brought the globally successful Jazz™ and Envy™  apples to the world.
  • Working on development of apples and pears to withstand hot climates and alternative geographies.
  • Partnering with world-leading breeders to find premium varieties with market-defining difference.


  • Advancing a comprehensive portfolio of blueberry varieties offering a range of flavour profiles, sizes and harvest timing from proven genetics.
  • Bringing new and exciting strawberry varietal options to New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region.
  • Working on the development of raspberry, blackberry and other berry varieties to transform current market offering.


  • Working closely with reputable table grape breeders to provide sustainable and attention-grabbing new varieties to growers and consumers globally.