Our Services

VentureFruit®​ identifies, acquires, develops, builds and protects unique and exciting new varieties.

We seek out the best genetics and tailor commercialisation programmes, creating the best outcomes for all our partners.


For Variety Owners & Breeders

Our global team work with breeding programmes and variety owners to identify cultivars that have a commercial future.

We provide adaptable solutions to facilitate the development and protection of your varietal pipeline, returning value to your programme.


For Growers

Growers are integral to the success of a new variety.  Our mission is to provide a robust selection of new varieties suitable for growing regions and challenging conditions worldwide.

We work closely with growers providing testing opportunities, technical support and proven routes to market.


For Sales & Marketing Organisations

We work hard to understand what consumers want.  We don’t just commercialise any variety, but carefully choose those that will succeed in market.

Proprietary varieties are in our blood.  We know what works, whether it be premium selections, counter-seasonal supply or specialist products unique to your business.


End-to-End Variety Management

We have the capability, knowledge and the networks to identify superior new varieties, test them, protect them, and bring them to consumers across the world.

  • Breeding and selection
  • Protection of plant breeder rights
  • Global movement of plant material
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Consumer research and insights
  • Commercialisation models and licensing
  • Technical support
  • Specification development
  • Trademark and brand development
  • Sales and distribution

Plant Breeding

The world has benefitted from continuous improvement in the genetics of cultivated crops for thousands of years. Plant breeding objectives include increased productivity and yield, improved storage, handling and shelf life performance, and attributes that consumers value such as flavour, colour, size, texture and nutritional qualities.

Increasingly, growers need new varieties that produce well with lower inputs and a lighter footprint on the environment, and marketers need varieties that meet and exceed consumer expectations.

VentureFruit® partners with some of the world’s best breeding programs for temperate and sub-tropical fruits, using advanced non-GMO breeding techniques to produce superior varieties to meet the needs of growers, marketers and consumers.

The performance of a plant variety is a combination of three factors – the plant’s genetics, the environment in which it grows, and how it is managed as a crop.

We support our varieties with rigorous commercial development and scientific research, as well as on-orchard and post-harvest management practices for the environments in which they are to be grown.


Commercialising New Varieties

To successfully bring new varieties to market requires specialty knowledge of the end-to-end process of breeding, selection, intellectual property rights, evaluation and commercial trials, movement of plant material locally and internationally, propagation and commercial release under fit-for-purpose commercial models for growing and marketing.

Growers, plant breeders and fresh produce marketers all need a range of varieties to operate profitably. Breeding programs deliver new variety releases ranging from more standard “new and improved” varieties with better growing or eating attributes, as well as potential blockbusters that have the superior qualities for high consumer demand and premium pricing.

To successfully commercialise a potential “premium” or “super-premium” variety requires a well designed and well managed commercialisation model, with branding and engagement informed by consumer and market insights.

The parties responsible for commercialising the outputs of plant breeding programs therefore need to be able to deliver a range of fit-for-purpose release models. With our experience right across the fresh produce value chain, this is one of VentureFruit®​’s strengths.